Back for another great season, Split 2nd Improv brings the best in live
short form improv comedy to eastside audiences!

If you are new to live improv or you've been coming to our shows for years, it doesn't matter because you'll never see the same show twice. Why? Because YOU craft our show. All of our scenes are based on audience suggestion. But wait...there's more! Every show is a competition pitting two teams of the best improvisers around against each other for your entertainment. Winners determined by the audience applause. Tell your friends...tell your family...and then bring them along to Split 2nd Improv at SecondStory Repertory in the Redmond Town Center!

Join us Friday night at 9pm for the wildly popular "Split 2nd Blue Show" where anything can happen or bring the whole family along to our "Sweet Saturdays at Seven" when all of the actions is PG.

  May 2, 2014 May 3, 2014

Admission $15. Call to purchase tickets (425) 881-6777.

Still not convinced? Consider the following:

  • Makes a great night out for any event or occasion

  • 10% off your tickets if you bring a group of 10 or more

  • 20% off your tickets if you bring a group of 20 or more

  • Want to have an Improv workshop for you and some friends? Call us and we can set up a first rate Improv instructor for you here at our theater! It's fun and great for all ages!

Click here to see some great pictures of our improvisers
 at Redmond's Saturday Market!


Robert Bogue: Robert is the founder and artistic director of Split 2nd Improv, and holds a BS in theater arts from Southern Utah University where he also performed with the Tony award winning Utah Shakespearean Festival. He is originally from Utah, where he performed and directed at many regional theaters as well as appearances in independent film and the television series Touched by an Angel and Unsolved Mysteries.  Robert has been with SecondStory Rep since the 3rd season. Some of Roberts favorite roles at SSR include Harry Brock in “Born Yesterday”, Alfred Dolittle in “My Fair Lady”, Orsino “Twelfth Night” Papa Bear in “Goldilocks”, and Himself in “Complete Wrks of Shakespeare Abrgd”, “Complete History of America”, and “Complete Word of God”.  Robert has also enjoyed directing several mainstage and Theater for Young Audiences shows at SSR. Favorites include “Lend Me a Tenor”, “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, “Misery”, “Last of the Red Hot Lovers”, “Kind Hearts and Coronets”, “The Brave Little Tailor”, “Cinderella”, “Elves and the Shoemaker”, and “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “The Rocky Horror Show.” Robert is also a proud member of the renaissance improv team No Parchment Needed.

G. Allen Todd (Buddy): Buddy is a transplant from Spokane, recently appearing as “Simon” in Hayfever at Renton Civic Theatre. In addition to Split 2nd Improv, Buddy is also a member of “No Parchment Needed”, an improve troupe that specifically performs for renaissance fairs. Buddy holds a BA in Theater from Eastern Washington University, where he has assistant taught Music and Dance for four years.

Robyne De Jong: Robyne has been with Split 2nd for four years. She's performed in kids' shows and mainstage here at SecondStory, and has enjoyed a career doing musical theater, interactive dinner comedies, TV, and film nationwide.

Mario Gomez: Mario Gomez is an improviser originally from Mexico City. He moved to Seattle in 2007 and started improvising in 2008. He usually plays with Unexpected Productions and Split Second Improv. He has performed in the Seattle area, Redmond, Bellingham, and Portland. Most recently, Mario produced and directed DreamTales, an improvised show based on dreams and symbols, with his group "The Fool."

Danny Miller: Danny has been acting on the SecondStory stage since 2002, and finally threw the scripts away for a shot at Improv in 2007 with the formation of this group. He has also served on the SSR Board of Directors since 2004.

Steven Hochteil: Steven is a graduate from Fullerton College. He was recently casted as the Levi in "Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat" and Captain of the Guards in "Man of La Mancha." His other roles include Larry in "Burn This", Stolckholem Jones in "Untitled", Bejart in "La Bet", and Skelly Manor in "Rimers of Eldritch." He would like to thank his family and friends for all their support. He would also like to thank his lovely fiancé for supporting every moment of his acting career.

Sarah Skye Gilbert has always been ravenous for limelight and is thrilled to be frolicking her way through her first season with Split Second Improv. Last year in her debut to the improv stage, Skye ate brains as a very, very dead zombie in Jet City's production of Zombietown. Her theatric origins were in high school, where favorite scripted roles include: Titania in A Midsummer Night's Dream and Eva in The Rimers of Eldridge. When she is not busy pursuing the ridiculous, Skye works to improve information systems in the developing world and climbs mountains using various contraptions.

Denny Atkin After performing in productions like Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” and the insanely difficult but amazingly funny “Noises Off” with Cascade Community Theater, Denny threw scripts to the wind to focus on improv, training with Seattle’s Unexpected Productions. He’s really excited to be a member of Split 2nd Improv. His superhero weaknesses are cheesy science fiction and cheese puffs. 

Candace Marie Hackett holds a MFA in Acting from Florida Atlantic University. She is an SAFD Recognized Advanced Actor Combatant Proficient in Rapier/Dagger, Knife, Small Sword, Sword & Shield, Unarmed, and Broadsword. She has choreographed several shows in the past few years and has also spent quite a bit of time on stage. Her stage skills range from dramatic and comedic acting to improv, dance, singing, masked characters, and puppetry. Adding to her various skills, Candace is also trained in a wide variety of film stunts and theatrical movement styles. Candace continually seeks new adventure and challenges in both life and on stage.

Darryl Yust fled the theater spotlight after an elementary school bit part in "Oliver".  Cajoled by his boss to start improv classes a few years ago, he first performed on stage with Split 2nd Improv in the summer of 2013.  He'll jump into garish costumes at the sneeze of a gnat, and will soon be quitting his career as a video game developer to join the circus.

Fernando Santiago-Avila was born and raised in Puerto Rico, moved to the US in 2001, and into Seattle in 2006. Fairly new to acting in general (his only public, non-improv stage performance was on a cruise ship doing a 10 minute standup routine in 1992) he got enthralled with improv watching Clive Anderson (and then Drew Carrey) on TV. In 2009, while volunteering in SecondStory Rep, he learned about Split Second Improv. After a lot of hemming and hawing, he joined the team rehearsals in late 2011. In 2012 he decided to climb up the booth and lend a hand with lights and sounds, and has been providing tech for SSI ever since. Although he may do the occasional show for UP or Jet City Improv, he will always call SSI his improv home.

Kenadi Silcox: Kenadi is the youngest performing member of Split 2nd Improv, but has also been seen at SSR in several mainstage and theater for young audiences productions. She has performed throughout the region and is currently a member of the cheer squad at Lynwood Highschool.

Sara Trowbridge: Sara enjoys flexing her creative muscles whenever possible with Split 2nd Improv. She loves working with such talented people, and hopes that you enjoy watching as much as she enjoys playing. Sara is a Washington native, and earned her BA in Theater Performance at Central Washington University.

Emily Glad: Emily's improv life started in the Training Center at the Second City-Detroit, back in 2006. Since then, she has been seen in Seattle performing on the Wing-It Production's stage in "Explorer's Club" and "Unspeakable Horrors", and on the Unexpected Productions stage in, "Improvise Your Own Adventure" and "The Improvised Man". Currently, she can be seen performing with Human Prop(aganda), which makes it's home in Capitol Hill. She is proud to be a member of Split Second Improv, bringing the laughs to Redmond on a regular basis, and wishes everybody the freedom and joy that comes from saying, "yes, and!"

MEET ROBERT BOGUE: Artistic Director of Split 2nd Improv

1. When did you first become interested in theater?

ROBERT: I have been performing since the age of 5, I studied theater in high school in my home state of Utah and attended college at Southern Utah University where I received a BS in theater arts and dance.

2. Were you cast in any of SecondStory’s productions before you became Artistic Director for Split 2nd Improv?

ROBERT: I have been performing and directing at SSR since the 3rd season. I have also served as box office manager, writer, scenic designer, and artistic associate.

3.  In your opinion, what is the key to becoming successful in this industry of the Arts?

ROBERT: Success in the Arts is relative. If you measure success by money in the bank, you could work your whole life and never be as successful as some lucky sole who was in the right place at the right time. If you are able to make your art and that is what makes you happy, I would say that you are successful. Not too many people can say that. Unfortunately the term "starving artist" is more truth than fiction. My advice is you may not be the best but you need to always do your best.

4. Tell us a bit about Split 2nd Improv. What does it mean and who is involved?

ROBERT: Split 2nd improv is a mixture of some of the best improvisers and actors from around the region. We have a wonderful variety of talent, skill level as well as age. We have improvisers who have been performing for many years with teams from Seattle as well as other states, and we have players who bring fresh new talent and perspective. The best thing about improv is that you truly never know what is going to happen. Each and every show is based on audience suggestion, and since no audience is the same, no show is the same. It is a truly unique experience. Improv really is acting in its purest form. Characters evolve right in front of the audience. Very real.

5. What makes SSR an outstanding theater in Redmond?

ROBERT: I think that SSR is outstanding because of the variety of theater that we bring to Redmond. So many theaters give the audience one type of experience or another, but audiences at SSR can enjoy comedies, musicals, dramas, improv, theater for young audiences, live musicians and SSR even brings education to the community through our classes. We are a professional theater that isn't limited by genre.

6. If not theater, what would you be doing?

ROBERT: No matter where I go, the arts will always be a part of my life. I am fortunate to share this passion with my children who are wonderful artists, and have even assisted me with my directing duties on more than one occasion. No matter what form it takes, as long as I have art, I am happy.


SecondStory Repertory’s mission is to entertain, educate, and enlighten the diverse communities of artists and audiences on Seattle’s Eastside.


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