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April 29 - May 22, 2016


Written by Neil Simon

Newlyweds Paul and Corie are just starting their life together in a tiny fifth-floor Manhattan apartment. He's a straight-laced lawyer and she's a free spirit who's always looking for the latest adventure. Paul doesn't understand Corie's relaxed ways, and she wants him to be just a little more spontaneous. Something as simple as running "barefoot in the park" would be a start. Throw in a New York brownstone in disrepair, an eccentric neighbor and a surprise visit from Corie's mother, and watching the ups and downs of married life has never been so enjoyable. This Tony-nominated comedy from Neil Simon is filled with the playwright's trademark witty repartee and hilarious characters. Photos by Michael Brunk |



Acacia Danielson (Corie) is honored to be making her SecondStory debut! Recent credits include Hero in Much Ado About Nothing for GreenStage and various Christmas Touring shows at Taproot Theatre. Thanks to Isaiah, the Barefoot cast, and the fantastic SSR team, and love to family biological and honorary.

Carol Richmond (Mother) Carol is more than excited to be back at SecondStory! She has previously performed on this stage in Cabaret, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and La Cage Aux Folles. Other favorite roles include Golde in Fiddler on the Roof, Bubbie in Crossing Delancy, Kate in Brighton Beach Memoirs and Marmee in Little Women. All my love to Elizabeth, Dan, Taylor and Laney!

Alan E. Garcia (Telephone Repairman) graduated from St. John's University in NYC with a B.S. in Film & Television Production. He could not be more honored to make his SSR debut with this Neil Simon classic. He would like to dedicate this show to Mom, Dad, Bryan, Crystabella, Cooper, and his darling Holly. In memory of you, Ketan.

Jen Chenovick (Light Design) Jen's theatrical career began in 2002 when she was asked to assistant stage manage The Importance of Being Ernest right here at SSR. Following her passion for theater Jen moved to Hollywood in 2005 where she stage managed for The Blank Theatre including the oddly satisfying Lobster Alice starring Noah Wylie and Nicholas Brendon. While in California, she also worked with Syzygy Theatre Group and the World Premiere of Tender, Abi Morgan’s trenchant drama of the human hunger for connection. Jen moved back to Redmond in 2007 and jumped right back into her work with SSR. During her eighteen plus years at SSR Jen has worn many hats, from stage manager to production manager to managing director and now light design. Special thanks to my parents, they’re pretty cool.

Mark Chenovick (Set Design/Technical Director) has been designing, building, and painting sets since the mid-eighties. Having the fortune to begin his theatrical career under the tutelage of Don McLaughlin in his hometown of Helena Montana, Mark continued his training at the University of Washington where he was accepted into the Graduate Design Seminar his sophomore year. With subsequent degrees in Art History and Drama, Mark went on to serve as technical director/designer for multiple organizations including: Virginia Musical Theatre, Fort Peck Summer Theatre, the Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, Little Theater of the Rockies, and the Norfolk Governor’s School for the Arts. As Technical Director/Production Manager of the national tour of Anything Goes (starring Gloria Loring) Mark travelled around the United States and Canada realizing that there is no place quite as wonderful as the Pacific Northwest. Shortly after the turn of the millennium, and following a brief stint as a carpenter at The Studio Theatre in Washington D.C., he moved back to Seattle. Locally he has worked behind the scenes for the Village Theatre, Seattle Musical Theatre, Redwood Theatre, and, of course, SecondStory Repertory.

Mark Chenovick (Sound Design) I began my sound design journey splicing reel-to-reel tape together in the basement of the original Penthouse Theater on the University of Washington campus but it was my brief time in the MFA program at Utah State University, where I learned the joys of digital sound design, and subsequently, became hooked on sound design for life. Having provided composed and curated underscoring and soundscaping, original and sourced sound effects, and performance amplification services for multiple theaters across the US, I have felt the most at home at SSR. Special thanks to Squolfie, ‘lil Squolf, and my extended family. You are the music of my life. #bandistoohot #sorrynotsorry


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