Improv Comedy in May 2022


Once Told Tales Presents: Friday Night Improv Comedy
Kick off the weekend with 90+ minutes of comedy, made up on the spot and based on your suggestions! We will be
joined by special guest groups throughout the season. So check our website and Facebook for ticket information and to
see who’s coming to town!

May 13, 2022: Once Told Tales welcomes Duvall Improv Social Club and One Handed Clap!
Duval Improv Social Club is a group of Duvall locals drawn together by the love of improv and the joy of playing
together. Their chemistry is infectious and always gets the audience laughing.

One Handed Clap is an unscripted, on-the-spot improv experience that is entirely based on your suggestions. Your
magical journey includes thrilling stories and gut-busting laughs delivered by a team committed to making your
experience like nothing you've ever encountered before...or ever will again!

May 20, 2022: Once Told Tales welcomes Bunker 13 and Fancy Cafeteria!
Bunker 13 is an improvised comedy revolving around five soldiers in the Vietnam War.  As Sarge, Joker, Rhino,” Z”  and
Mick rest and refit in their sleeping bunker we are offered an insight into their hopes, fears and experiences through
hilarious improvised dialog, flashbacks, and trips “downrange” into the jungle.

Fancy Cafeteria combines the glamour of a Broadway production with the dishevelment of improv, a hilarious musical
experiment that will have you singing for your supper. Based on your suggestions and no preset script or score, Fancy
Cafeteria will perform a brand new musical filled with wistful protagonists, catchy melodies, and spontaneous dance
breaks all accompanied by a live soundtrack. You won't want to miss the opening and closing night of this never-before-
seen production.

May 2, 2022: Once Told Tales welcomes Carskee!
Carskee is a duo comprised of married couple, Erin Plischke and Jennifer Cargill. Carskee takes a single suggestion for
their show, exploring its meaning through distinctive characters, themes and unusual relationships. They have been
performing improv together for 24 years and their style is heavily influenced by their many years of training in Chicago
and their years of performing in Austin's eclectic improv scene.

The Saturday Improv Comedy Show Starring Once Told Tales
Once Told Tales brings the laughs to Redmond Town Center Saturday night at 7 pm. It’s a non-stop night of improv
comedy that YOU help create with your ideas. The action starts with a barrage of once-in-a-lifetime scenes that will keep
even teens from looking down at their phones. After the break, well take your ideas and make up a brand-new long-
form improv play right on the spot. Its 90 minute variety show of comedy that’s never predictable and will never be

Tickets and Other Info
Tickets $10. For ticket purchase and other info (including updates to our performance schedule) visit our website at http://www.oncetoldtales.com

2021/2022 SecondStory Repertory Schedule

May 13, 2022 8pm – Uncensored long form show with special guests: Duvall Improv Social Club and One Handed Clap


May 14, 2022 7pm – All ages short form show.


May 20, 2022 8pm – Uncensored long form show with special guests: Bunker 13 and Fancy Cafeteria


May 21, 2022 7pm – All ages short form show.


May 27, 2022 8pm – Uncensored long form show with special guests: Bunker 13 and Fancy Cafeteria


May 28, 2022 7pm – All ages short form show.