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SecondStory Repertory is holding auditions for our June 2022 production of Starmites Pro written by Barry Keating and Stuart Ross. Direction by Buddy Todd. Music Direction by Kim Douglass.


The Story: Shy teenager Eleanor has built a fantasy world around the sci-fi comic books they collect. To the distress of their parent, Eleanor has learned to avoid the pains of growing up by escaping into fantasy, imagining themself to be an unrecognized superhero. When they are mysteriously thrust into the Website World of their favorite comic book, Eleanor is drawn into the conflict between Shak Graa, Arch-Creep of Chaos, and the Starmites, guardian angels of Innerspace. Eleanor turns out to be the legendary Milady, teen superhero who must lead the Mites on their Quest to save the Galaxy. Standing in their way are a colorful assortment of villains including the delightfully flamboyant Diva, Queen of Innerspace and the deadly Banshee warriors. 


The show runs June 10 - 26, 2022 (Thurs-Sat 8pm, Sun June 26 2pm)


Rehearsal schedule: (all rehearsals will be held at SSR)

May 1 - 4, 2022 7pm-10pm

May 8 - 11, 2022 7pm-10pm

May 15 - 18, 2022 7pm-10pm

May 22 - 25, 2022 7pm-10pm

May 29 - June 1, 2022 7pm-10pm

Tech Week: June 5 - 9, 2022 7pm-11pm

Audition Dates: Video Submissions due by Wednesday April 13, 2022 at 11:59pm


Callback Dates: Monday April 18, 2022 7pm to 10pm (at SSR)

Audition Requirements: 

Videos must be submitted no later than Wednesday April 13, 2022 at 11:59pm. The email needs to include the following:

  • headshot

  • resume

  • any conflicts you may have with the schedule

  • link or attachment to your video of a monologue and song

  • characters for which you would like to be seen

(Submissions made for other theaters are welcome and do not need to be re-slated)


Please email for questions or to submit.


Audition Location: All auditions will be done by video submission. Callbacks will be done in person at SecondStory Repertory


Character Breakdown / Project Needs

Roles listed are representative. Exact casting will be determined at callbacks. SecondStory Repertory does not discriminate based on; race, gender, age, or sexual orientation in any of our casting processes. Director wishes to approach casting with an “identity conscious” methodology that gives space for actors to bring their authentic identity to their craft. As such, those auditioning are welcome to name and request to be seen for roles that best align with their identity.


ELEANOR FAIRCHILD - an average youth who eventually becomes Milady - Superhero of Innerspace.

ELEANOR'S PARENT – an unassuming parent who loves their child and anxiously awaits the day when they will grow out of their comic book craze.

SPACEPUNK — The hero, captain of the Starmites, and heart throb of the Universe.

THE STARMITES —Space youths dedicated to fighting the deadly forces of the Universe. They include:

S'UP S'UP — The organized and methodical member of the group.

RAZZLE DAZZLE — The emotional, bumbling, show-off of the group.

ACK ACK HACKERRAX — Second in command. Tough and ready to fight.

SHAK GRAA — High Priest of Chaos, determined to destroy both Earth and Innerspace.

TRINKULUS — A reptilian, serving as a guide to the Starmites. (Doubles as SHAK GRAA.)

DIVA — Imposing and powerful Queen of Innerspace. (Doubles as PARENT.)

BIZARBARA — Awkward and shy child of Diva, possessed with a heart of gold and a yearning to be "normal and average." (Doubles as ELEANOR.)


THE BANSHEES – In service of the Diva. They include:

SHOTZI - Diva's airhead sergeant at arms.

BALBRAKA - who delights in dominating the STARMITES.

CANIBELLE — who delights in devouring the STARMITES.

HOLLABACK — who delights in teasing the STARMITES.


SecondStory pays a stipend of $250 to defray the cost of participation in the production. as allowed by WAC 192-310-080.


SecondStory Repertory
Contact: Jen Chenovick
Primary Phone: 425.881.6777
Physical Address: 7325 166th AVE NE Suite F250, Redmond, WA 98052