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September 17, 2016 - October 2, 2016


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Pat Haines-Ainsworth
Music by Terrence Levitt Alaric

“The Barber’s Wife” is the story of Shankar, the village barber, and his clever wife, Indrani, as they try to better their lives while outwitting a pair of very determined, but not-so-clever thieves. This new musical for young audiences is an adaptation of a folktale from northwest India. After tricking the thieves into helping them plow their field, Indrani uses her quick wit to outmaneuver and thwart the thieves’ plans to steal the barber’s savings. Each time the thieves return, she manages to outsmart them until finally she devises a plan to send them on their way for good. Photos by Michael Brunk |



Leslie Youngblood (Barber’s Wife) spent over two years touring internationally with the Missoula Children's Theatre before moving to Seattle for love. She's been lucky enough to perform with SecondStory Repertory's Theater for Young Audiences in "Little Red Riding Hood" and -- her all-time favorite -- "Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical". Other Seattle area credits include "The Addams Family" with Burien Actors Theatre, "Mary Poppins" with Kitsap Forest Theater, "Godspell" with Twelfth Night Productions, and "Urinetown" and "Les Miserables" with Balagan Theater. Meow.

Steven Hochteil (Barber) Steven is proud to be returning to the stage as a part of this spectacular musical. This is his debut stage show at SecondStory. Steven is a graduate from Fullerton College in California. You may have seen him recently as Lafou in SFFT "Beauty and the Beast". Other roles include Stolckholem Jones in "Untitled", Bejart in "La Bet", and Skelly Manor in "Rimers of Eldritch". You can also catch him doing improv with both Split Second and East Side Story. He would like to thank his family and friends for all their support. He would also like to thank his lovely wife for supporting every moment of his acting. He hopes that you all enjoy the show!


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