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January 18-February 9, 2020


From the story by C.S. Lewis
Dramatized by le Clanche du Rand

In this inventive and highly theatrical version of the famous C.S. Lewis tale, Peter and Lucy take the audience on an exciting journey through the wardrobe and back to Narnia where the White Witch has cast a spell to make it always winter and never Christmas. There they meet Mr. Tumnus the faun, and, with the help of other Narnia creatures, they go in search of Aslan the Lion who will guide them in a great battle to defeat the White Witch and return summer to Narnia. Photos by Michael Brunk |



Sebastian Floyd Hulburt (Peter) is jumping for joy at the chance to be back on the SSR stage. You may have seen him in many a show including but not limited to: A Year with Frog and Toad, Fancy Nancy, and Assassins. In his spare time, Sebastian LOVES day dreaming, cooking, and playing games-but the cool kind, no monopoly for this guy! If Sebastian could have a dinner party with any famous people, he’d invite: Albert Einstein, Mr. Peabody, Jane Lynch, and President Taft. Sebastian is a firm believer that toast should be buttered butter side down. He would like to thank Stephanie Maley Bull for her continued support, guidance, and support. He hopes you enjoy the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe as this has been the most moving performance of his career. When you see him after the show, please only refer to him as Your Majesty, King Peter. Thanks to all his fans #blessed. He dedicates his performance to all the actors on Riverdale-what a great show.

Stephanie Bull (Lucy) can't express in words how excited she is to live on this stage again so she would like you to look at pictures of otters holding hands in lieu of words. It's possible you saw her on stage in Fancy Nancy, Boeing Boeing or Company. It's also possible you've seen her out and about with her dog Baloo who is king of all dogs. Stephanie would like everyone to remember that children are our future. If she were trapped on a desert island, here's what she would bring: Infinite Jest, Monopoly, Fortnite, 3 birds and a picture of her co-star, Sebastian. Speaking of Sebastian, Stephanie would like to thank him for all the joy and light he brings into her life. She wants you to know that this is her favorite show she's ever done. If you see her after the show know that hugs give her life. She gives all the love to Ben and her sisters, Emily and Ellen. She dedicates her performance to all the actors on Riverdale-what a great show.


Carissa Meisner Smit (Director) is pleased to be back playing with her friends at SSR's Theater for Young Audiences and directing one of her favorite childhood stories! Prior collaborations were Junie B. Jones The Musical!, and Freckleface Strawberry. Other recent directing credits include The Addams Family Musical (Edmonds Driftwood Players) and The Clean House (As-If Theatre).

Jocelyne Fowler (Costume Designer) has designed for SecondStory Repertory (Assassins, Man of La Mancha, etc.), Shakespeare Company (Arms and the Man, Mrs. Warren's Profession, Titus Andronicus, Richard II), Book-It Repertory Theatre (Howl’s Moving Castle, Jane Eyre, Treasure Island, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, Anna Karenina), Taproot Theatre (Arsenic and Old Lace, Lady Windermere’s Fan, A Civil War Christmas), ArtsWest, Harlequin Productions, Vashon Opera, Youth Theatre Northwest, Bellevue College, Overlake School and others. Upcoming work can be seen in Taproot’s Babette’s Feast and Seattle Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida.


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